Building confident brands

Ally is your business’s best mate.
That pal who knows you better than anyone (but can be a bit unruly at parties).

By building close relationships with you and your team, getting to know your business inside out and with great strategic marketing and creative skills, our Greater Manchester Allies give you the tools to grow a confident brand and achieve real sales, leads and brand awareness.

We give a sh*t

When we talked about what made Ally different, it was that we cared – a lot. About you, your clients and customers. About your business. About our own team and each other. About working hard to bring you success. About giving you confidence to sell your products or services effectively.

Together, we’ll Define, Develop and Grow a confident brand that speaks to your target audience. A powerful, unique and committed marketing partnership.

Your marketing Ally.

Paul Newton - Managing Director

Paul Newton

Managing Director

Leading our creative work online and offline, and always focused on the end result, Paul has brought about transformational brand change for clients since establishing our business in 2009.

Paul’s an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, and his years of corporate market research experience give him a great understanding of our clients’ marketplaces.

Victoria Gregson - Marketing Manager

Victoria Gregson

Marketing Manager

Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and Pro Copywriters’ Network member VG enjoys close relationships with our clients, living and breathing Ally’s partnership values.

Producing professionally-written content and coordinating projects like a proper multitasker, Vicki applies commercial understanding to every project to plan and communicate the messages that matter.

Nathan Clancy - Creative Executive

Nathan Clancy

Creative Executive

An Ally since he was a teenager, Nathan’s versatile web development, code and graphic design skills produce stand-out creative, both digitally and in print, that gets real results for our clients.

Nathan establishes strong relationships with clients early on, understanding the design and build needs of a project, as well as the biscuit quantities required, to make maximum marketing impact.

Jeanette Hines - Office Administrator

Jeanette Hines

Office Administrator

Keeping the office ticking, Jeanette delivers our administrative support with a warm Ally welcome.

With years of office and team management experience, Jeanette’s in charge of client reporting and insight that keeps clients in the know, as well as taking care of direct mail and campaign distribution to reach highly targeted audiences.

Jess Barlow - Marketing Apprentice

Jess Barlow

Marketing Apprentice

Joining us fresh from College, Jess supports key Ally service areas with a little dose of sass as she works towards her Digital Marketing Apprenticeship.

Bringing social media skills, a keen interest in every aspect of marketing from campaign planning to copywriting, and building great relationships with clients, Jess loves achieving engagement and outcomes that get results.

Ted Newton - Chief Food Inspector (CFI)

Ted Newton

Chief Food Observer (CFO)